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Membership organization principally for political parties who are represented in the National Assembly

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Written on 13/04/2015, 08:39 by madamlava
stella-chauwa-a-youthful-parliamentarian-in-the-makingStella Chauwa, 28, is geared to tread in the land where even men think twice before they pluck courage to tread. She wants to join frontline politics and become a parliamentarian. Her dream is not without cause. “I got inspired by my grandfather who was once a parliamentarian and cabinet minister during Dr. Kamuzu Banda era, and my aunt who was also Member of Parliament,” explains...
Written on 13/04/2015, 08:27 by madamlava
cross-party-local-governance-initiative-information-sharing-meeting-with-dec-dpds-and-finance-personnelOn the 1st of April, 2015, CMD organised a one day information sharing meeting in Mangochi as a way of providing updates on the status and progress of the project, share experiences, challenges and lessons from the collaboration with PPFs and mapping the way forward for the project into the next quarter. In his opening remarks, the Program Manager for CMD, Dr Gerard Chigona...
Written on 29/01/2015, 12:08 by madamlava
legal-affairs-committee-scrutinize-the-proposed-political-parties-act As part of discharging its mandate, CMD has from the past three years facilitated a dialogue on the review of the current Political Parties Act. In this process, CMD has engaged with different players in the political realm including the district, regional and national party officers, Ministry of Justice, Law commission, Office of Attorney General and the former legal affairs...
Written on 28/01/2015, 08:08 by madamlava
national-electoral-reforms-conference-lilongwe A National Conference on Electoral Reforms took place in Lilongwe from 11th to 12th December 2014 to initiate a movement for electoral reform in Malawi; debate advantages and disadvantages of various electoral systems and practices; discuss recommendations from issues papers presented at the conference; formulate a national technical working group on electoral reforms and to...
Written on 28/01/2015, 07:49 by madamlava
cmd-and-nimd-in-inter-party-dialogue-and-its-role-in-democracy   With funding from the Netherlands Institute of Democracy (NIMD), CMD held a board induction on interparty dialogue and its role in a multiparty democracy at Sun and Sand Hotel, 8th December 2014. The event drew the participation of Political Parties namely DPP, PP, PPM, MCP, AFORD, UDF and NASAF. Attending the event, were also two delegates from Ghana, Ahmed...
Written on 27/11/2014, 08:21 by CMD Staff
cmd-malawi-develops-mentoring-module-for-political-parties-and-orients-32-mentors “A lot of women are quite hesitant to join politics because of all the names people associate with women politicians. You have to be headstrong and persistent as a woman if you want to make it in politics in this country” These sentiments were shared by Agness Nkusa-Nkhoma, of People’s Party during the orientation of mentors training that took place at Bridge Hotel in...
Written on 13/11/2014, 09:30 by CMD Staff
cmd-m-signs-us-1-600-000-pact-with-undp-dfidCentre for Multiparty Democracy – Malawi (CMD – M) on February 13 signed a US$1,200 ‘Strengthening Political Parties Project Support Document’ with the British Department for International Development (DFID) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).The project’s main aim is to empower political parties to effectively participate in Malawi’s multi-party democracy, by...

Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan
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Free and Fair Elections

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Empower political parties to effectively participate in Malawi’s multi-party democracy. Read More.

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Malawi has a multi-party system with over 40 registered political parties.

The political process in Malawi is such that parties are voted into power. Parties participate in an electoral process.

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