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Membership organization principally for political parties who are represented in the National Assembly

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The Centre for Multiparty Democracy – Malawi (CMD-M) is a membership organization principally for political parties who are represented in the National Assembly of Malawi.

In order to achieve inclusivity, the membership is extended to non parliamentary parties, who are represented on the CMD Board as a block. The binding factor in CMD is the collective will of its member political parties to ensure the entrenchment of multiparty democracy by encouraging and supporting dialogue among political parties.

Latest News

Written on 25/08/2016, 08:29 by ruth
cmd-ministry-of-justice-agree-on-a-roadmap-for-the-political-party-billBackground Political parties under the Centre for Multiparty Democracy (CMD) have been championing the review of the Political Parties (Registration and Regulation) Act since 2010. Through the years, CMD has held wide consultations with civil society organizations, faith based organizations, the media, traditional leaders and regional and district structures of political parties....
Written on 03/08/2016, 06:42 by ruth
paid-up-party-membership Can Malawian political parties reconsider paid up membership as a way of fundaising? CMD-M conducted workshops  in Lilongwe, Blantyre and Mzuzu with party leaders at district level to shed more light on the subject.  It was discovered that Political Parties in Malawi raise their funds by organizing football matches, dinner dances and coffee mornings, but their main...
Written on 03/08/2016, 06:40 by ruth
tanzania-exchange-visit-women-in-politicsUnder the mentorship program of the “Women’s Active Participation in Political Leadership and Decision- Making in political parties in Malawi”project funded by Danish Institute for Parties and Democracy (DIPD), The Centre for Multiparty Democracy organized an exchange visit to Tanzania. The visit offered a refresher training to 2 representatives from each of the following parties:...
Written on 18/07/2016, 09:33 by ruth
youth-in-politics-meet-tiyamike-mkandawireINTRO: My name is Tiyamike Chakhaza Mkandawire. I am currently working as a Program Associate for the USAID Malawi Scholarship Program at World Learning since February 2014.        I am a young politician from Alliance for Democracy, AFORD. EDUCATION: I obtained my MSCE from Lilongwe Girls Secondary School and I am a holder of a Bachelors Degree...
Written on 18/07/2016, 09:25 by ruth
youth-in-politics-meet-elizabeth-mukhunaINTRO: My name is Elizabeth Blessings Mukhuna. I am a business woman. I provide event management services e.g. decorations, wedding cakes and snacks. I also sell second hand clothes. I am a young politician from Malawi Congress Party, MCP. EDUCATION: I obtained my MSCE from New Era Girls Secondary School. I also hold a diploma in Information Technology from National College of...
Written on 18/07/2016, 08:51 by ruth
youth-in-politicsINTRO: My name is Mbiri Mulamba, I am a General Manager for Cedar Place. I also own a Catering Company and a Cosmetic Shop. I am a young politician for United Democratic Front, UDF. EDUCATION: I am a holder of GSCE from South End Secondary School, I obtained a Matric Certificate from South Africa, I have a diploma in Law from New College Nottingham, United Kingdom, and studying...
Written on 14/06/2016, 09:03 by ruth
cmd-dpid-partnershipThe Centre for Multiparty Democracy is in partnership with the SF and Venstre to implement a project that aims at strengthening youth involvement in political parties in Malawi. The overall objective of the project is to contribute to the development of a political culture based on democratic dialogue in and between political parties, increasing inclusion of members and involvement...
Written on 13/04/2015, 08:39 by madamlava
stella-chauwa-a-youthful-parliamentarian-in-the-makingStella Chauwa, 28, is geared to tread in the land where even men think twice before they pluck courage to tread. She wants to join frontline politics and become a parliamentarian. Her dream is not without cause. “I got inspired by my grandfather who was once a parliamentarian and cabinet minister during Dr. Kamuzu Banda era, and my aunt who was also Member of Parliament,” explains...
Written on 13/04/2015, 08:27 by madamlava
cross-party-local-governance-initiative-information-sharing-meeting-with-dec-dpds-and-finance-personnelOn the 1st of April, 2015, CMD organised a one day information sharing meeting in Mangochi as a way of providing updates on the status and progress of the project, share experiences, challenges and lessons from the collaboration with PPFs and mapping the way forward for the project into the next quarter. In his opening remarks, the Program Manager for CMD, Dr Gerard Chigona...

Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan
Click here to download the CMD Strategic Plan for 2012 - 2015

Free and Fair Elections

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Malawi has a multi-party system with over 40 registered political parties.

The political process in Malawi is such that parties are voted into power. Parties participate in an electoral process.

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