Women Project

Women’s Active Participation in Political Leadership and Decision- Making in political parties in Malawi


Danish Institute for Parties and Democracy (DIPD)

Overall Objective

The overall objective of the project is to strengthen the inclusion and meaningful participation of women in leadership and decision making within the political parties in Malawi.


  1. Women Empowerment and Mentoring
    • Undertake mentoring programme with women from the political par-ties
    • Strengthen capacity and networking among the Mentees
  2. Review and Engender Party Constitutions
    • Review party constitutions and manifestos
    • Training parties on engendering party manifestos
    • Popularize model engendered manifestos
  3. Advocacy and Sensitisation of Political Party Leadership
    • Garner the support of party leadership through national conference and media campaign
    • Dialogue Meetings with leadership on women’s political participation as an asset for the parties